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Your business is unique.  Your problems are unique.  Sometimes group coaching is not for you.  You want solutions not information.

Profit Jump-Start Program

When you just need the basics of a business budget and keeping track of your numbers - this 30-day program gives you just what you need

Free Strategy Session

In this one hour session we go deep - FAST.  Get some real answers and insight from a 35 year business veteran and former executive

What Our Clients Say

Faith J

Fortune 500 Brand Strategist

So this just happened! My CPA called me to talk about making my payroll, FICA and Unemployment taxes and withholdings and something else but my eyes just glazed over!!

But when she asked me what was your income for the last 3 months and what was your personal and business expenses...I perked right up. I was like stand by let me run my numbers!!

Logged in to my Mint and ran the income and expense trends and gave the numbers lickety split!!!

I felt so freaking smart and savvy. Thanks, Diana Miret You are awesome!! 

Janet G

Therapist and Self Love Guru teaching women to love themselves unconditionally

I just wanted to share I've never stuck to a budget or even really had a budget for that matter. For the month of April  1st I set a budget and tracked every single expense and so far it looks like I will have saved a whopping $1,251 compared to March. It really is crazy the amount of money we don't realize that walks out of the door. I diligently packed lunch every day, when I went to the grocery store I stuck to my budget for each shopping trip, I tracked all expenses 2x a week which only took a few minutes each time. I have an excel spreadsheet saved on google docs so I can access from anywhere. It truly helps to track your expenses because the $5 here $20 there really do add up. Plus you can truly calculate what you have leftover to spend or when you can't spend anymore. This has been so helpful and insightful for me because I am a spender. Thank you Diana!

Debra G

Creator of Food-Body-Spirit Connection program

I started with Diana Miret last year, so taxes this year took about 30 minutes - with no fear! And they were done well ahead of time. I had kept my numbers in a simple excel spreadsheet with everything categorized under the Schedule C headings, so it was a SNAP! YAY!

Then, last night I did a 2019 Q1 budget analysis. It's looking pretty good. I made a few adjustments to annual budget projections because I said YES to a very exciting opportunity. But saying YES was easy because I know where I stand financially. AND so far I'm on target to be PROFITABLE!! and very happy with my numbers. 

YAYAYAYAY!! This stuff works. It's worth the time to face it and straighten it all out! Thank you Diana Miret!!

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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